Édes (Családnév Tanulmány) One-Name Study


In the mid 1630s a family of rugged soldiers were caught in a political intrigue in Transylvania that was about to turn deadly for them. They fled 300 miles west, across mountains and rivers, changed their surname to Édes, and offered their services to the Hapsburg emperor. Recognizing the value of this seasoned fighting team, Ferdinand III granted them nobility in 1638. That is how the Édes clan came to settle in and around the Hungarian village of Madar, now known as Modrany, in south-western Slovakia.

In 1865 their descendant, Albert Édes stated that “it is actually without any doubt that all the Édes spread all over the home country are descended from the same clan.” He listed the places where other Édes families lived. That served as a starting place for this One-Name study.

In 2015 Y-DNA tests confirmed the relationship between my Hungarian-Canadian-American family and that of an Édes family living in the ancestral home of Madar. Since then Édes men with ancestry from several of these Hungarian towns have also done Y-DNA tests. However, so far no one else matches anyone else. It appears that Albert was wrong. So, we will continue recruiting men to take the test and pursuing paper trails. The following cities and towns have the oldest church records of Édes households in the old Kingdom of Hungary. We hope in time to clarify the relationships between family branches and lines.

Apc, formerly Apcz, Hungary - Antal born 1780

Budapest , Hungary – Bartholomeus born 1725

Jánoshalma , Hungary – Stephanus born 1777

Komárom Hungary / Komárno, Slovakia – the city built across the Danube was split by the new country borders in 1920. - Susanna born 1735

Kunszentmiklós, Hungary – András born 1744

Kürt (now Strekov, Slovakia) – János born 1690

Madar (now Modrany, Slovakia) - Susanna born 1749

Marcelháza (now Marcelová , Slovakia) - Ferenc born 1755

Mohol , (now Mol, Serbia)

Monor , Hungary – Vincz born 1782

Perbeta (now Pribeta, Slovakia) - Catharina born 1752

Solt , Hungary

Székesfehérvár, Hungary – Elisabeta born 1730

Szentpéter (now Svätý Peter, Slovakia) - Gergely born 1736

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